Talent & Resource Development Task Force

The future of Wayne County must include building an economic base that is sustainable over the long term and fosters the development of resilient communities. In conjunction with economic resources, we also  must realize that our most important resource is human capital and our population should be utilized to strengthen our community. A picture of a group of young professionals collaborating around a desk in an office.

The Talent & Resource Development Task Force has been asked to identify several targets and approaches that are likely to produce additional funding to support community priorities.

The Action Committee has offered several topics/goals for consideration:

  • Improve access to existing resources such as grants from state and federal agencies and private foundations;
  • Encourage human capital and businesses to invest in community development;
  • Communicate or "package" these funding opportunities;
  • Identify likely industries and partnerships that can make an impact on the region’s future;
  • Identify non-traditional investment strategies;
  • Identify obstacles  to improving our economic well being;
  • Help community institutions do business in new and different ways to ensure they are prepared to support an entrepreneurial culture in Wayne County;
  • Create partnerships and connections that focus on people as resources;
  • Tap into unidentified intellectual property and knowledge;
  • Develop leaders and work with the schools to begin the process  when our population is young;
  • Tap into different leadership forums and alumni networks.