WT! GrantLink (coming 2021)



Wayne Tomorrow! presents GrantLink to help disseminate information about grant and funding opportunities for Wayne County non-profit and for-profit organizations and  businesses.  A collaboration of WT! partners will collect information about specific grant opportunities from a variety of sources and share via email using this web portal. This is, by no means, an exhaustive list of grant opportunities that are available.

By utilizing the information received from GrantLink, an organization can identify individuals who should receive information and can choose what types of grant funding opportunities they want to learn about from a list of filters or they can opt to receive them all. WT! GrantLink will provide information to help community members make  their own determination whether to conduct more research into specific grants.   

Wayne Tomorrow! GrantLink cannot provide technical assistance at this time.

The distributed forms will include the name of the grant, the deadline for the application, a short description, a link to the details on the funder’s website, and the range of funding amounts available. The rest is up to you. and your organization.

Please use this form to sign up individuals to receive notifications of grant opportunities from Wayne Tomorrow! GrantLink